Problem with Quest and Project Paused

I have two issues that I need assistance with:

  1. My project seems to be paused, despite updating the version and republishing it on NPM. The percentage remains under 25%. What steps should I take to resolve this?
  2. I’ve staked my TEA, but the “Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool” is not clearing. I’m unsure why this is happening. Could you please provide assistance?

Link to my project:
Project Link

Thank you.

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Hi, while updating your project’s version can contribute to your teaRank, it’s not the sole factor. Your teaRank also depends on the overall growth, evolution, and impact of your project.
As for the completed task issue, we’re aware of it and working on a fix. You’ll definitely get the points for completed tasks.

Thanks for the clarification! I appreciate knowing that updating the project version isn’t the only factor influencing teaRank. I’ll focus on enhancing the overall growth and impact of my project to boost my score.

Regarding the completed task issue, it’s reassuring to hear that it’s being addressed. Looking forward to seeing the fix!

Just a quick follow-up question: Could you provide some tips on how I can increase my score by 0.1%? Or is it acceptable to have 24.99% for now?

To increase your teaRank, focus on developing your project, publishing new versions, interacting with other projects, and gaining more dependents. These actions contribute to your project’s growth and visibility within the OSS community, ultimately boosting your teaRank.