Project not added problem

hey i have a project and this the url lblad-tamazgha - npm
but i canat add it please help???


Hi! Your project must be published for over 24 hours to become detectable. However, it was only published 2 hours ago.


thank you ser i will return to it after 24 hours


dtill not validated sir how can be added?

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Your project is newly published with only one version, the anti-spam system is a factor that determines how quickly your project will be detectable.
To speed up this process keep growing your project.

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so is the project will be verified despite having 1 dependency?

Yes, this is the minimum requirement.

so i will back tomorow and see it if are verified right?

Projects are not verified manually, once they meet the criteria and pass the anti-spam system they are detectable in the tea app.
Your project has only one published version, the evolution and growth of your project are factors that can speed up this process.

Please approve my oss project sir

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As soon as your project meets the criteria and passes the anti-spam system, it will be displayed in the tea app.
Currently, your project must have at least 1 dependant and be published for over 24h to meet the criteria.

my project not add why

Could you send the links to your project?

Your project doesn’t meet the criteria as it’s currently a readme-only repository.
Even if it has a similar name to a real project, it doesn’t work that way. Your repository and the real project’s repository are different, and you won’t be able to validate the tea.yaml since you don’t have write access to the original project’s repository.