Project not verified despite having 24 hours + in npm

hey i have 3 project published in npm and despite the project are with 2+ dependecies and there is like 30 hours from publishing it the three projects dont appear and arent verified to be added
the url for 3 projects are

any replie from team?

Hey, new projects typically take a while to become detectable in teaRank due to spam protection measures in place.

okay so i hope that will be live in next hours

the projects has now 40 hours since publishing and arent verified please do something because the quest in 17 hours will end pleaseeee

There are no manual actions that can influence this process, it simply takes longer for new projects.

but now its almost 60 hours since publishing how can take more ?

Newly created projects need to pass through the anti-spam filter, which might take some time.