project pending constitution

I’ve been waiting for 2 days to be approved?? how much longer do I have to wait


Hi, 2 days your project has the same “validating constitution” status?
Have you added the tea.yaml file to the project repository?


yes, I have added it

Could you send the git link?

You did not add the tea.yaml file to the project repository.
If this is your project, repeat the project registration and add tea.yaml to the project repository.


The owner of this repository has disabled this function, that’s why I asked if you are sure this is your project.

I don’t understand, I’m just following a tutorial, do you have any info on how I create a project on tea testnet???

You have to register your own project if you have one, I assume in that tutorial this project was as an example.
Sorry, I don’t have a tutorial on how to create an OSS project, it requires some dev experience and knowledge.

I’ve tried again to register… good luck this time, I think all the steps are correct