Project Registration always failing

I have some open source package on NPM but every time I tried to add, it always fail with some excuse, I would like to know if the tea.yaml should be included on NPM as well because it’s only on Github repo associated with the package

Hi @Haysquare, the tea.yaml file should only be added to the project repository on GitHub, not to npm.
Could you send the GitHub and npm links of your project?

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help me!

Why has my project been registered for 11 days but I still haven’t been able to import tea?

Hi @h0aepu, your project is detectable in teaRank, register it!
Do not change the tea.yaml file, the file name must be kept the same. Delete the “tea testnet” file, and repeat the registration process.

WHY did my authentication fail! I deleted the file “tea testnet”
Do I have to re-register with this project?

Yes. You have to repeat the registration, and add tea.yaml file to the project repository.

same, i cant register my project

I have just signed up! Please help me see, right?

This is not a project that offers any solutions to be detectable in teaRank, this repository was created 4 hours ago.

You should validate the constitution file to complete the project registration.

I’m done, thank you so much for this support!

Why is the Rewards project not activated? help me!!

Could you clear the cache and refresh your browser?

i cleared all cache and created my new browser, but it still shows the reward?

This issue will be fixed on Monday.

Can u help me to fix my repo sir? Im always failed to register

If this is just a repository with a name similar to a real project, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to register it. Since you don’t have write access to the real project repository.

Can i create new project repository?

The project is not just about the repository, you need to build a project that would provide some solution to the OSS ecosystem.

help me! error