Project shows up as Invalid and Rewards not enabled, also got a notification to contact support

This is the project:

While in my notifications I received this message:

:no_entry_sign: Steeping into a little hiccup! We encountered an issue registering your project and looks like the constitution file was not merged in time. Reach out to support for help.


Hi, have you followed all the steps in the project registration process and added (merged) the constitution file (tea.yaml) to your project repository?


you shold be doing this


@maestlin yes I have, tea.yaml is there: whatsapp-cloud-api-express/tea.yaml at main · j05u3/whatsapp-cloud-api-express · GitHub


What is the status of your project on the “My OSS projects” page?
Your project should be validated, it is eligible, delete the tea.yaml file from the repository, and repeat the registration.

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please explain to me how I can start my own OSS project? where is the guide

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This is not a general guide, it depends on your interests, knowledge and experience to choose in which area you would like to build an OSS project.

It shows:

if it helps, do you guys check for main branch? or only master, my default branch is main

will do the deletion now

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did the deletion and re-adding the tea.yaml, now I see:

i’m guessing i’ll just wait now

Yes, but it doesn’t last long, are there updates?

Can I be part of your project?

yes, it says invalid again:

You need to add (merge) the constitution file (tea.yaml) to the main repository of your project.

An old project, only have master branch, do I need to create main branch?

May I ask if your work has been completed? Do you have any free time to guide me?

how to participate in this project?
i want to support this project

Is your project eligible and displayed on the teaRank page?

Yes, how can I help you?

Visit the tea app create your account and explore available challenges!

I already did it, you can see it in there: GitHub - j05u3/whatsapp-cloud-api-express: A set of Node.js and Express.js functions for sending/receiving messages using the Whatsapp Cloud API. Suited to work in serverless environments.. You can see the deletion and re-addition commit also. Or do you need for it to be released to npm?