Project teaRank Reward Status Not Enabled

I wanna asking, why my project teaRank reward Status not Enabled? and how enable for my project?

Try refreshing, maybe the website is busy

What’s the teaRank of your project? Did you stake into your own project?

What is the project’s status on the My OSS Projects page?
Can you please share the project’s treasury address?

my project : myteapal
username : nvlra
address : 0xc3aeb3bbdb04d323cb34bd5df12996662beb6069

can you help me bro, why my status reward not enable ?

This is a UI bug that will be addressed. However, your project continues to earn Proof of Contribution rewards as you’ve staked a portion of the TEA tokens from the treasury to Bug Bounty Poll.

That means the status is active, right? is this just a bug UI?

Yes, your project earns rewards.