Publish my package

I have published my package on github and npm. I know you need time to check and publish my package. But deadline is coming and i hope Tea team can review my package. That’s is a real project/package. With my package, user can have a core code for simple social web and it use Angular framework

Github: GitHub - XuanVuFsv/imgPack
npm: @xuanvufsv/imgpack - npm


Hello, your project must be published for over 24 hours and have at least one dependent to meet the criteria.
Projects are not manually reviewed, they are automatically indexed by the Proof of Contribution algorithm.

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Thanks! I think my package has met all criteria (dependencies and dependents) and hope to see it on Tea platform soon.

My package has showed but got no valid URL
My change in package.json is:

“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - XuanVuFsv/imgPack
That’s right? Thanks!

Yes, your project has a valid url format.

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