Quest points are updating

hi all :wave:

i signed up for tea last week. it was at that time that I took some time to get acclimated with the site and learn more about the protocol.

upon seeing the ongoing quests and their associated tasks I decided to take the actions necessary to receive some points. i authenticated my github account with the application, and i also added information about my development background only to find that those quests were still marked as incomplete. Seeing as my account was created within the same hour that I carried out these actions I thought that the app might have needed some time before I would see them marked as checked (despite the documentation saying that completed tasks would show immediately) but I’m still seeing these tasks marked as incomplete in my UI.

Here is a screenshot of my quest page. You’ll also seethe quick view of my profile overview.

as you can see, my github has been linked. While I am not including a screenshot of my settings page, I can confirm that i’ve verified my email, and also filled out my developer profile.

Is this known behavior? Or is this just something I, personally, am experiencing for some reason. Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @tgrecojs, this is a known issue, and the team is working to fix it. Rest assured that completed tasks will be properly marked, and points will be assigned to you soon.

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hey @maestlin - thanks for your reply here! you’ve cleared up everything up for me.

i’m very much looking forward to watching the protocol flourish in the coming months / years :slightly_smiling_face: