Quest progress is not reflected properly

I completed my stake in the Bug Bounty Pool during the Oolong season, but it has not been reflected even after a long time has passed. (At the time, the moderator said it would be reflected over time, but that was not the case at all.)

In Jasmine season, I increased the teaRank of my project, but the quest was not completed. I completed the task of claim and stake the staking rewards on the first day of the season, but it was still not reflected.

Stake a project to lower its yield, this quest is so confusing. I don’t even know what to do.

Hi @dora-0,

We are aware of this issue, at the moment we have identified and fixed these anomalies for other tasks. Soon the issue for the staking task will be fixed, and points will be awarded to you.

By increasing your project’s teaRank, it means significantly increasing it by 30-40 points from its initial values.

Are you sure you selected the “Claim & stake” option when claiming rewards under the Bug Bounty Poll?
Did you not claim and then, in another transaction, stake?

For this task, you need to consider the staking ratio of each project. When you stake towards a project, its staking ratio should exceed the protocol’s optimum staking ratio of 1%.