Register cann project

I made 2 projects and neither of them appear.

The other project didn’t show up for days, so I made a new one. is there any problem?

Hello, your project was published 18 hours ago and currently doesn’t have any dependents. To be indexed by the Proof of Contribution algorithm and to be assigned a teaRank, your project needs to have been published for over 24 hours and have at least one dependent and one dependency.

There are dependent and dependencies but they are not visible.
In the other project, it didn’t show up for 2-3 days, so I made a new one.
Can you give me an example of how dependent and depencies should be added? I added it for Python but it doesn’t appear. My project is also added to another project. we did it with my friends

A dependent would be another package running on your package or using components from your package to operate, and vice versa for dependencies.

thank you.It was necessary to wait longer than 24 hours. The changes in the project I made almost a week ago are now reflected.