Register project: valid URL not found

I consistently got error: “Valid URL not found” when trying to register my OSS project

Even though it should have all valid URLs possible, this is the link to PyPI: tetkit · PyPI

I also published a new version yesterday but situation stayed the same.

Hi, please wait for the latest version published yesterday to be indexed, it might take 24-48 hours.

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Ah I see, I thought it would take only 24h to be indexed, I will wait another day then try again then. Thanks!

It has been a few days and the same error still persists. Could it be a bug from tea indexer?

Yes, we are working on fixing this issue, however reindexing a new version identifies the valid URL.
Could you set “Source” to the first position within project_urls and publish a new version?

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I removed all other project_urls and left only Source there, as there is no way to control the output urls order in pyproject.toml. And this trick finally helped. Thank you!