Registered project but no points?

I was realy registered a project ,but dont has any points ,
Where is the problem ?

Also ,I cant stake tea token in my project ,like this

thanks !

Yeah I have the same issues. 1) I think we missed the deadline by like, hours, for the points, because the indexing takes so g*ddamn long. 2) I also get an error trying to stake to my own project. Woo-hoo!

I can stake tea token now ,I stake 5000 tea token successed.
And I can see “Project Treasury” show 5000.
Then I stake 5000 again. ,also notice success.
But “Project Treasury” change to 0.
"Unclaimed Rewards " is also 0.
Why ?

Hey, it’s a known issue, it will be fixed soon.
You can be sure that the correct number of points will be assigned to you soon.

thanks so mush :grinning:
Waiting for good news !