Registered project but not get 1000 point

please admin why I have registered a project but did not get 1000 points while this is my first project and has 25+ points, please fix this bug immediately


@maestlin I’ve registered for the project but why doesn’t it add 1k points

Have the same problem. I’ve registered two of my OSS projects and all of the related tasks haven’t been finished after several hours. The number of points has also not increased.

same with me sir ,stacked point regiter point not updated

Hey, we’re aware of the issue and are working on a solution. Rest assured, points will be awarded for completed tasks.

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Has the issue been resolved yet? I still haven’t received my points

have 4 project

We are working on fixing this issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

i still make project but not get 1000 point
please help me

Hey, @user1158 @trandanhha @Nooblucky7 @g1eny0ung @user888 @Selimut49203080, send please your tea username

thanks you sir

Excuse me。 I have registered for two projects and staked the project’s Bug Bounty Pool,but i can’t get any points. my tea username: zhangshaokk
and my address:0x4EB5ee8b5626A206c2E0c8F0b721de62978591B7
please help me. thank you

g1eny0ung, same as my forum name.

I have a same problem, my user name is iyinlin, thanks, sir

i think team is working on the problem

Still not getting any points but the tasks have already expired…I really don’t know what you people do when you can’t even fix a bug after 10+ days. :smiley::+1:t4:

I don’t even have points for connecting to GitHub. You guys did a great job.

Thank you ALL! We are working on fixing this issue.

i have the same problem sir, i already submit 2 projects weeks ago but the point did not increase, my tea username is aldebaran-xyz

Hi sir, I have the same problem with this thread. I didn’t get 1k points after the project was registered and I’ve been waiting for 10 days but still haven’t got it yet… please fix, my tea username: yeijinxu
I will wait for the latest update from you, thanks :raised_hands: