Registering an OSS Project problem

I got the response from the Register an OSS Project page
No valid URL detected on project repository page. Verify URL in the project repository is available or valid
my project is quantscripts · PyPI
I visit the webpage and check the link * Homepage is available . I don’t know what is wrong with my configuration or package.
should the url in the endwiths .git?


i cant register a project for days not. i have tried severally ,it keeps coming back failed for days now .am unable to complete my registration. pls help

Hello. I received an email that the project is not valid. I’ve registered another one, a third one. Can I delete it?

same problem bro but i don’t find any solution

Hi, alorithm does not index project_source.homepage, it indexes project_source.source, make these changes and in 24h the project should be displayed with valid URL.

project_urls":{“Source”:“GitHub - tonyyang1223/quantscripts: This repository contains a collection of Python scripts for financial analysis. The scripts cover various aspects such as Cointegration Testing, Duration Calculation, and Statistical Features computation.”}

Thanks for your response I will try it later.