Registering an OSS Project

Registering your OSS project on the tea protocol offers several benefits. It allows you to gain visibility within the tea community, attract potential contributors and users, and track the utilization and impact of your project. This data can be used to earn rewards based on the value of your project. Additionally, registering your project on the tea protocol incentivizes security researchers to disclose vulnerabilities ethically and responsibly.

The tea protocol introduces the concept of teaRank, which measures a project’s utilization or dependents in the open-source ecosystem. A project’s teaRank is calculated using the Proof of Contribution algorithm, which assesses the project’s impact on the entire open-source software ecosystem.

Based on your project’s teaRank, the protocol determines the number of rewards to be distributed on a daily basis. Higher teaRank, achieved through more (reputable) open-source software depending on your project, results in more rewards. However, earning rewards is not limited to teaRank alone. Projects can also earn rewards from community members who stake their TEA on them. When community members stake their TEA on your project, they signify their belief and support for your project and empower your project with additional incentives by distributing a portion of their staking rewards to your project’s treasury.

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after the project review, i was told to add my project in my project git manually. how do i do that? is it necessary?

To register your project you need to add (merge) the constitution file to your project repository, follow the steps on the project registration page and this tutorial