Registration of OSS project

Hey, I’m not an advanced Github user, but I do codding sometimes. Should I have like a solid project on PyPi, should it be real and usable in order to be verified?
I attemped to create a couple of OSS projects, one repositry was empty from the start, second one was a fork of some solidity code
What is the minimum reqs for the project to be Validated? How long it usually takes?(mine is being verified for 24 hours+)
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Agree with that, could we give more information in My OSS Projects page. Example
You need to wait … hours and check it again for update, and the validation will be in 24 hours. Something like that, we need more information.
Could we create discord channel for support new users


Hello, as far as I know, here’s the requirements:

And empty / forked repository should not be considered as a valid project to register, because:

  • That must be an open source project with real function
  • forked repository means you are going to create pull requests to the main repository, which if you are not the main contributor of that repository, likely not able to merge the tea.yaml to the main repository.
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It has to be a real project that has dependents, a fork or empty repository will not be indexed in teaRank.