Remove or delete "My OSS Projects"

how to delete my OSS project? limit is only 10, I need to delete to register my registered projects, please help


Hi, the feature to delete projects for which registration has failed has not yet been implemented. However, I assume that you tried to register 10 projects that do not belong to you or to which you did not contribute, so we can’t change anything for now.

yeah, because before I didn’t know, and now I have my own project that has been registered, but I can’t add it RN

and because in the past there was no warning when adding a new project in OSS. and now if it’s not your own project, there’s a warning before “next steps”

got tea team added 1 more slot :frowning:

bro help me how to register project without failing

hello mates nice to hear you

then what is the solution?

You will have to wait for this feature to be implemented.

but i need fixed my problem ASAP before task tesnet ended :frowning: