Reward minus instead of earned more tea

OSS Staking

OSS Project

kind a good to discuss btw, HOW?? it can be happen lol

its look like im not active enough or what ? why its decreased instead of increased


Hey, I got the same minus point too on my two projects and please help me to figure it out please

Please reference to: white-paper | tea white paper

which part ? or i need to read the whole paper ?

The “Proof of Contribution” part, however seems to be a bug, we are investigating it at the moment. I’ll keep you updated.

okay i read on that section, i will waiting for another news from the dev team

What’s your project name?



but i think its fixed now no minus reward

I have same problem like him, please check on my project name kopianget, and one more question, weither stake on low yield task is bug or we have to waiting for next update, because I have been doing that task since earlier of jasmine challange, mind you this task has not completed at all, please follow up my commented,

This bug will be fixed in a few hours.
Regarding the yield lowering task, please read the description in details, that task consists in exceeding OSR (1%) for a project, currently, the SR widget does not display correct values is to be fixed soon.