Stake a project to lower its yield question

I don’t know how to participate in this yet. Can you provide a screenshot of the instructions for me to take a look at?

Hi @xiaoche96041821, while we don’t have detailed tutorials specifically for this task, some tasks might require additional research into how the tea protocol works. It’s best to focus on the tasks you’re confident you can complete.

I couldn’t find where to stake a project

Can you assist me, please?

Go to the “OSS Staking” page > Select a project from the list > Stake > Enter amount > Confirm transaction.

I have already done so, but I didn’t score 750 points.

Can I become a heavily involved participant in your project? Can I become your advisor? I have been closely following your project and have noticed several issues.

You have not completed the task, read the full description, to surpass the optimal staking ratio set by the protocol (1%), you must stake towards a project until its staking ratio exceeds this threshold.