Stake a project to lower its yield!

what if i have an OSS project this task only for people that dont have a OSS project or what ? I’m a bit confused about this task, what should i do, stake ? already!

I also have confusion and I’m not sure how to get involved. Could you provide a detailed explanation?

Me too.
I also have a question for Claim & stake your project’s rewards
To complete this quest. I have to Claim and Stake 100% or Claim all and Stake 100% in Manage BountyPool?
If I Claim all and not Stake again or just Claim and Stake lower 100%. I’m fail?

Hey @imkula, this task is for both, devs and non-devs.

@xuanvufsv Just execute a claim and staking transaction (you can find this option on the widget), any amount (%).

Thanks. I halve stake on other project but why i can’t receive my points?
What different between Stake a project to lower its yield and Stake to your favorite OSS project on tea?

Did you select the claim&stake option?

You need to stake to any project.

You need to stake towards a project so that its staking ratio exceeds the protocol’s optimum staking ratio.(1%)

how to stake a project to lower its yield

Thanks. Can i stake to my project?
My project has staking ratio over 100%
Can you give detail formula to calculate staking ratio?

At the moment this widget displays uncorrelated data, to be fixed soon.