Stake bug bounty pool

I staked the bug bounty pool but 250 points are still missing after 3 days.

Hi, points that have not been awarded for completed tasks will be distributed shortly.

hi, it’s been weeks and no points have been added

the points for the tasks I have done are not given. it has been the same for how many weeks. i do new tasks but there are no points. other people’s points are given immediately. why not mine

Sorry for the delay, we are still working on this.

Take your reward-to-bounty ratio to below 25% for at least 24hr
How can I do this. can you please show me with a screenshot?

If you’ve registered a project, you’ll need to adjust its rewards-to-bounty ratio by unstaking from the Bug Bounty Poll.

can u check pls
Johnbuz 0xE2Bb5740cd69176b40f6db030d1Bf75D006b10a0

Connected My Github account But that Points are stil arent Showing