Stake to your project’s Bug Bounty Pool - Points Update

Thanks for all the support so far!

I staked 75% of my testnet tokens to my pool, although I haven’t been awarded the 250 pts. Is there a ETA on this? I don’t want the task to be removed without getting the points!

All the best

Hi, if you’ve completed the tasks, rest assured that you’ll receive the points. Apologies for the delay.

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Awesome. Thanks again

Hey, just to let you know I never was awarded the previously mentioned 250 pts! Thanks

Could you please send your tea username?

same here i never get it for like 2 week already finish the task.
tea username : imkula

hi @maestlin I have the same problem many days, please help, my username: nshen


I have been completing the new tasks and points aren’t being awarded either. But I only did some tasks yesterday so I can check back. Thanks

Hey. Just checked again and the +250 pts haven’t been added still. Could they be manually added? Username “gurtymcburty”


hi @maestlin i have the same problem for weeks, my tea username:zhangshaokk
and address:0x4EB5ee8b5626A206c2E0c8F0b721de62978591B7
please help,thanks