Staked but no work

I can’t stake my tea token

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Hi, staking towards other projects will be available in the next challenges.

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I want stake to my project’s Bug Bounty Pool. But it never took effect.

Although the picture shows success, but my balance never changed

We are working on fixing this bug, please try again later.
Could you please send the treasury address?

Where is the treasury address? I only find the project and account address.

Yes, this is it, the project address, can you send it please?


Thank you. Could you also provide your tea username, please?

tea username: KieSun

hi, i got the same problem.
i have staked my project’s Bug Bounty Pool, but no reward point
could you plz help with this, thx
project address: 0x4f4fd9b6878a500824a2c7cd685879d17e6c80cc
username: arkssss

Thank you. We are investigating this issue.

That’s my questions too. But when will be next challenges available?

Can this issue be resolved before the deadline?

The next challenge will start on March 6.

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I’m can’t give a precise timeframe for this, but addressing it is among our top priorities.

hi sir i was have same problem, may you investigate my project too?

my username : rezky999

hello bro, your acc already fixed? i have same problem like yours

Stake is currently in effect, but the task is still not complete.

lol my reward are unabled, doesnt like yours. my tea rank is green :upside_down_face: