Staking reward and earn

is worth it to stake almost a year?

no, I just stake my tea no to project then idk where my tea go, because my tea wallet balance has been cut, and i dont see in my oss stake there haven’t counting my staking

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It’s a UI issue, but your tokens are still within your account. We’re working on fixing it.

okee thanks for the information

i found something maybe bug, countinue from my top answer.
after i stake my tea i want to unstake UI say ‘You cannot release because you are not registered with this place’. I want to add something like

  1. On the search button, validate the search for all types of project names up to tea addresses to make it easier because each project name here is irregular so it’s hard to memorize it, make tea addresses can be searched on the search button on the stake feature.
    2.and can you add specifications for the oos project, such as you have calculated the rank of each oos entered, then we get pause or enable. Please add more detailed information to solve this problem or project criteria for each point rank that has been generated automatically
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ok thank you for info

when i stake it always faild. I failed many times and tried again

Hey @ronskie0888, could you clear the cache or try accessing the tea app from another browser?

same here

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We were not able to process the transaction.
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yes i think it is a bug .hopefully this issue or concern they fix immidietly

i try more several times always faild
and error

what we have to stake ?