Success registered two my OSS project but not receive treasury and i can't stake the tea

My usename is Mandra99
My tea account address 0x4364c9183ef4e38AECB2F119379f615e41e83f28
My project is tea_poject99 and address treasury 0x2c0337e57639aa7d238fde0115cc493a6c86d773
The other project is ongbakqueen and address treasury 0x2d03a46c99acf0acfd961bff2606b962df1e82c3

Hi, could you send a screenshot of the projects pages?

This project has 10k tokens in the treasury.

This project also has tokens in the treasury and you have staked towards the project’s Bounty Poll Bug.

I’ve stake 2 times on my own project but didn’t get point, why?
My username tea is Mandra99
My project name tea_project99

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does it cost to make a project? or just for free

It’s a known issue, we’re working on fixing it, rest assured your points will be awarded.

Creating and developing a project requires knowledge and experience, which is invaluable.