Support i need help

We steeped into a little hiccup registering your project. What does it means ?

Hi! You received this notification because you did not complete the project registration, either because you did not add the constitution file to the project repository or because you tried to register the wrong project and also could not complete the project registration.

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i understand .my project is not on the list.I have created three projects of my own, but there is nothing in the list

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Make sure your projects meet the criteria:


I read the instructions and did according to them. I’ve already written a bunch of projects on github. Can I send you some examples, maybe you can take a look? Am I right to understand that I need to write a project in python?

You can use any language, but the project must be published to a supported package manager, have at least 1 dependent and dependency.

omg)))I don’t understand what it means to have at least 1 dependency and dependent components.

need help please))) i think i can but i uderstand)

Dependent - is another package that uses components from your package.
Dependency - the packages your project runs on.

*This task is focused on devs, if you can’t complete this task complete non-dev tasks.

Hello sir I can’t register tea project of oss pls help