Unable to Find my Project in Register My Project

This is my project but I am not able to find it while registering the project.


Hi! What package manager do you use?

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npm package manager and react.js as language

I couldn’t find your project on npm, did you publish it to npm?

So I have to publish it on npm registry ?

Yes, it has to be published on any of the supported package managers. e.g NPM, PYPI, Ruby, Crates, pkgx, Homebrew

i have registered in npm registry, how long i can find my project in tea’s dapp?

I just published package in npm registry.how much time will it take to reflect in tea ?

It will take 24 hours

This is my github repo and npm package

will it get registered on tea ?

how did you do that, i have a reactJS project on my github, how to publish it on npm ?

If your project is eligible it will be automatically added to teaRank, but you published your project to npm 12h ago, so try to add your project tomorrow, as teaRank is updated daily.

Learn more here Creating and publishing scoped public packages | npm Docs