Unable to log in successfully, prompt for recovery phrase

Yesterday, I logged in to https://app.tea.xyz/sign-up using Microsoft Email and found that 2fa needed to be set. When I logged in later, I was prompted to enter the recovery phrase because a new device detected, but the phrase was not given to me when I set 2fa. I never found where the recovery phrase was given to me.I logged in on the same computer with the same browser

Hi @blessniubi, if you use the same device you should be able to access your tea account, if not, there is no other solution than to create a new account. When signing up again, if you use Microsoft, make sure to set a recovery phrase, please refer to the docs.

@maestlin Thank you for your reply, but when I logged in yesterday, I was prompted to set 2fa, and I followed the prompt, but there was no recovery phrase in the process. When I logged in to set 2fa with the new Microsoft Email, there was still no recovery phrase. What should I do if the browser is automatically upgraded in the future and I am asked to enter the recovery phrase

This is a security measure implemented during the testnet, if you use the same device and IP you should be able to log in.