Unable to register project

Hi, I keep getting this error message anytime I want to register my project

"We could not register your project

We have made an attempt to validate chell’s constitution file but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Here are some reasons why we could not complete registration:"


i am having the same issue


Same here but how do we get it resolved??

Hi Im not an admin.I just want to help to you.Can you share your project’s links ? github and npm.

Hello, send please the links to your project.

hello, I just saw your reply, can you still assist me with it?

hi EchoSlam, I just saw your reply, can you still be of help?

Could you send your project link on the package manager?

I could’nt register my project ,here’s my link Github Project

Your project is not detectable in teaRank.

i’m having issues registering my project. kindly look into it.

Could you provide additional information on the issues encountered?