Unable to see my project on Tea - can someone help me?

This is my npm project - @rahulkumaran/hello-rahul - npm

I published it for the first time a few days back and have published multiple versions and made multiple edits. However, I still don’t see my project on the list of projects.

Can someone help me with this? The last version was published less than 24 hours ago, but the project itself has been live for a couple of days with the first version published about 2-3 days back

Hello, as this is a newly published project, it takes a little longer to get through the anti-spam system and be detectable in the tea app.

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I’m just curious, is there a scenario where I could pass through the anti spam system before the end of the oolong challenge to register and get points? Would publishing more versions and features help?

It should be detectable by the end of Oolong. Project development will certainly enhance its detectability and teaRank.

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