Unstaked 1 project and staked another one, 2500 TEA has gone didnt see anymore

2500TEA Unstaked from discord-push-rank-api project, waited 5days and staked sayserver another one, 2500 TEA has gone didnt see anymore.

Tea Address: 0x9BD6f03084FfB747c0a5F80C8C6E7AF7AFac10f1
Tea Username: behics

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Hi @xuelink,
You have to claim your unstaked tokens.
Go to the OSS Staking page > Staked By Me > Details > Redeem.

Let me clear it again
1-2500TEA Unstaked from discord-push-rank-api project,
2- Waited 5days
3- Redeemed it

4- i saw 2500 in My Balance (TEA) section
5- Staked sayserver another one,
6-2500 TEA has gone
7- i cant see that project under Staked By Me Tab (so 2500TEA is missing)


Thanks for clarifying this! We’re addressing this UI bug and working on fixing it.

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It has been fixed now, tysm