Unstaked all my project, but my Balance dosen't change

i unstaked all my project just now, but it dosen’t change of my balance in my homepage

i tried refreshing my homepage several times , there was no response

username: cluonote
address: 0xc8aa7F8dbfe45bE9CFD26b41821D9484dc80735a

Hi @cluonote,
The unstaking period is 5 days, as indicated when you initiate the transaction. After this period, you’ll be able to redeem your unstaked tokens.

thank you for your reply

Just like the red box in the picture , it showed 5000 points and 2projects yesterday, but now it showed 375 points today

Is the reason that i unstaked the project a few days ago

And Is it still in the period of 5 days?

Yes, all balances are correct, at the moment you have 375 TEA staked, once you redeem the unstaked tokens they will be added to your balance.