URL is required to earn rewards

I have updated valid url into my repo But still getting error.


Hi! Have you published the changes to the package manager?

Yes i have done in NPM also.

waiting for your update

Still getting the invalid link error? Can you send a screenshot?

We have a fix in place for projects published in the last few days, try again in 48h, URLs should be displayed correctly.

ok still same error i am seeing make sure before deadline only 3days left

I also experienced the same thing

No valid URL is detected on the project repository page. Verify the URL in the project repository is available or valid

my two repo still same issue

I have seen many people facing same issue. It seems like a bug

heynotbot Β· PyPI mine too, or please add more days

me too sir, when tea will update the change, please add more days

We have applied a fix for the invalid source URL error. Please publish a new version of your package today so that it can be re-indexed and you can successfully register your project.

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again it will take 24 hours to index

still my repo not indexed