Use case of Tea Token/Coin, utilities?

Tea Token/Coin testnet/Mainnet, what we can expect from Tea to serve in blockchain technology

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The TEA token will have 4 basic use cases within the protocol:

  • Gas fees, users will need TEA tokens to execute transactions on the tea protocol.
  • Acces, projects registered under the protocol will need to stake TEA tokens to create their own DAO treasury, as well as to earn Proof of Contribution rewards.
  • Governance, to participate in governance users will need to stake TEA tokens for which they will get stTEA, representing voting power.
  • Vulnerability reporting, to report a vulnerability to registered projects users will need to stake TEA tokens along with their report.

For more details visit docs.


Appreciated, things looking good to me.


Totally agree with the above, just wish I could add more positivity to this post)

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