Valid URL not found and dependent still o

Hello Tea Teams,

I already creating a project with valid URL and all dependencies and dependent already fill it, but still can’t registered, what should I do because its already registered on npmjs 4 days a go and still not found npm i jonitea

Thank you

Hello, your project meets the criteria, but since it’s newly published, it might take some time to pass through the anti-spam system.
It should become detectable once the latest version is indexed. Keep up the good work and continue to grow your project and publish new versions to npm!

i just want to registered first, why publish on npmjs need 4 days to be indexed on tea?

It doesn’t take 4 days to be indexed, projects are indexed daily, but we have an anti-spam system in place, and for new projects it takes some time.
We are working on speeding up and improving the process.