Waiting for verification tea.yaml

I have added three open source projects and uploaded the tea.yaml file under the main branch of the open source project. Now it has not been verified. Please help me check whether the configuration is correct.


Project 1: GitHub - SilurianYang/uni-simple-router: A simple, lightweight 'uni-app' routing plugin
Project 2: GitHub - SilurianYang/uni-read-pages: read `pages.json` file to generate the routes table
Project 2: GitHub - SilurianYang/variable-webpack-plugin: webpack lets node and client inject any global variables


Hi! At the moment it might take a little longer to validate the project due to traffic.
What is the status of your projects at the moment?


The project is progressing well, has been maintained for many years, and has a lot of users. Also I will check back later to check on the review status!

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i think it will take more time to implement

Fine!! It will help us more to go through !!!