"We could not register your project" message

Maybe because the Github url is wrong. This URL is set by the system and I can’t change it.

Project Github url
Project npm url

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Hi, for @ui.js.org/ui the git url link is the same as you set it in package.json.
Refresh the page and repeat the project registration.

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Hi, the url at package.json is correct.
I refreshed the page but the url on the page is the same as on the screenshot and not the same as in package.json.

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On my side:

On my side the same picture.
Clearing the Chrome cache is not helped.
Opening it in fresh Firefox didn’t help either.

When I try to add a project, the picture is the same as yours, but after in the project details the url is the same as in the screenshot and I can’t pass the validation.
Perhaps it’s not related to the url and the problem is something else?

Could you do a screen rec to see it in detail?

Can you repeat the project registration for this project? Delete the tea.yaml file from the project repository and repeat all steps from 0

Repeated without the file. What do I do now?

Please follow this tutorial:

I followed the tutorial. Nothing changed(

Please update repository.url to
“repository”: {
“type”: “git”,
“url”: “GitHub - caracal7/ui.js: Modern, concise, developer-friendly & zero-config DSL for creating user interfaces
and publish these changes to npm.

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Done but it didn’t help…

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It will be indexed in 24-48h.


really wow thats amazing , i am ready for this .

Still nothing changed. Cant validate the project

Still nothing changed.
Is there anything else I can do? Or should I just forget about the tea

Could you repeat the registration process from 0?

Just did it just now