We could not register your project- plz help me

please help me. many times tried but no chance. always ‘Try validating the constitution again’ plz hlp me my tea user name - lakshithaprasa9

Hey, you received this notification because you attempted to register projects to which you did not contribute.

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how to find contribute projects.

By contributions I did not mean contributions in the general sense of the word, but contributions in building the project as a developer.

many people same issue I think saver busy and stuck.

Hi…I am facing same issue but i hvn’t contributed in building the project as developer

This is the message upon validation

We could not register your project

We have made an attempt to validate web3’s constitution file but sometimes things don’t go as planned. Here are some reasons why we could not complete registration:


We were not able to find the tea constitution file (tea.yaml)

Please confirm that this file was merged to your project’s default branch. Once added to your project’s git, you can request validation of your constitution again below.


The constitution file was modified

You may have been tempted to rename the constitution file or change details inside the file. If that’s the case, revert it back to the original file and try again.


Someone else registered this project already

Another core contributor of the project has already registered the project on tea so we cannot register the project again.

This is why validation fails.
Please focus on tasks you can complete.