We're having trouble registering your project and it looks like the constitution files weren't merged in time. Contact support for help

Please help me , :no_entry_sign: Steeping into a little hiccup! We encountered an issue registering your project and looks like the constitution file was not merged in time. Reach out to support for help.

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Hi! Are these your projects?

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Yes sir, yes sir, did I make a mistake when I started,

Delete the constitution file from your project’s repository, and repeat the registration again, follow the steps and merge the constitution file (tea.yaml)to your project’s repository without making any changes to it. Also see this tutorial.

Yes, I’ll try again, and if it’s successful, I’ll contact you again :slightly_smiling_face:

one more thing sir, I’m using an Android cellphone and I can’t find the delete button

Use a PC, the tea app is only optimized for desktop at the moment.
The delete function is to be implemented