Whats wrong with my balance?

hello, can you help me about my account, why after a few days my balance still 0? thanks

username: adimasprayoga1

why this happened sir

idk sir, im just complete quest from day1 and till now my balance still 0, or my account get bug?

My balance is also 0. Can you help us fix it and send us the balance?

my account is 0xD43387578e2d7741F72A10a60505657437832032

We are aware of this issue, tokens will be distributed soon.
Thank you for your patience!

Can you send it to me today, please? Iā€™m afraid you might have forgotten about it. It has been a long time already.


Tokens will be distributed to all users affected by this bug soon.

Because my tea limit is 0, I am unable to participate in this stake activity. I would like to participate in this stake activity. Could you please give me some in advance? I really need it.

I will escalate this to the team.