What's wrong with my project? I have register my project yesterday and stake tea with contributor ,but why my reward still 0?

Hi @alazn, Proof of Contribution rewards are distributed daily, so if you registered your project on March 20, there should be updates in the rewards balance tomorrow.

but now march 22 In my country,I have regist on march 20 but still 0

Check back tomorrow for updates. If the balance still shows as 0, it could be a UI issue. However, your project continues to earn rewards even if this UI issue persists.

ok,more question,my all contributor have stake but why totalstaker still 1?

All contributors manage the same account, the treasury account, and you have staked towards the Bug Bounty Poll from it, 1 staker.

What mean Quorum rules? Number of contributor that must approve a request for it to be complete
1 of 6?

Quorum refers to the number of contributors required to approve any transaction related to the project treasury.

So, for now there is nothing that contributors need to do if I stake all balance tea treasure project?

Yes, when other features such as claiming rewards, voting, transferring become available, initiating any of these transactions will require contributor approval.

It’s been 3 days since my project staking ratio didn’t exist, whereas my friend’s had one day straight away

Once you claim some of your staking rewards, this data will be updated.

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what quorum aprroved?where to get confirmation to all contributor?