When unstake tea token available?

2 question

1.i made mistake i stake all my 10K TEA token to my own project but can’t claim reward in oss staking menu it’s show 0 amount
if like this i can’t complete task 2

  1. which parameters is defined for exceed the protocol’s optimum staking ratio. below 0% yield?

task 2 can’t complete dont have tea token left can’t stake to other project to get claim rewards

Hey, what’s the status of your project?

You can unstake or claim staking rewards when they become available.

my status is reward active

btw another question i claim it with claim stake option (iirc) not claim only but my contributor didn’t get the notification for confirmation quorum so is that bug or normal?

Same with me here. I hope they make it available soon.

Staking rewards are not available right away. Like all other staking platforms, the tokens need to be staked for at least a day to receive rewards.

other people can claim the rewards after their stake it that’s why i asked here

they complete task 2 insantly

I see that you claimed rewards 35 min before posting and we see those rewards in your lifetime claim balance.
Your contributors didn’t have to sign because your quorum is 1 of 5– so only the initiator needs to do it.

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yes i have claim it but my task not verified so why it’s different from other who can complete it instantly after they claim?

hmmm seems like what i can do is just wait? will not be a problem? until jasmine end? i fear it happend like olong task

btw from olong task stake to BBP also not received when it will credited to my acc sir?

note: sorry my bad english sir thx for your understanding

Points for completed tasks will be credited to you soon.

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