Where is my treasury point? i want to stake it but didn't get it

i want to stake my treasury point but i dont get in, even i got notiifcation that i got 10k balance treasury point. so how is it?

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Hello, send please your tea username and treasury address.

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i have the same problem too

my username : yoiioy700
my tea address : 0x3cA5c2092eC47ff7cA1AD01F6BE58338CA788297
teasury address : 0x2af0b940798f5657df1263c430a1777983d45746

You staked 10k towards the Bug Bounty Poll.

but balance on staked 0?

It’s a bug, we are working on it.

noted sir when will fix it?

I can’t give you an exact time frame at this point, clear your cache and try again periodically

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