Why can I find this project but it says It looks like you are not associated with this project and cannot continue registration?

The Git Source URL points to the github associated with my account registration

my tea account address is 0x6AE7d3A85493ccD5Fe4328dF668C3fda57b36E21

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Hi, could you send your tea username?


my tea username is qinda18

Have you linked the GitHub account associated with this project to your tea account?

Yes,I have already linked it in settings

I don’t have a clue. I don’t know how to solve it. Could it be caused by an unavailable project that my project had hung up before, but I didn’t find an option to remove it?

Could you clear the cache, refresh the browser re-login and try again?
Or another browser?

I definitely tried it but it didn’t work.

Can you help me remove this invalid item through the backend, there is no remove button option on your page

Currently, it’s not possible to delete invalid projects. You’ll need to wait for this feature to be implemented.