Why can't I get it validate?

GitHub - BrythonServer/ggame: Simple sprite and game platform for Brython and/or Pygame. I want to publish my first project by making many improvements on this project. However, I could not get confirmation.

This is the new version of the project: GitHub - WebRaizo30/ggame: I changed the graphics according to today's designs.

You can see my first edits in the attached file.


Hello, you need to publish your project to one of the supported package managers.
Please ensure it meets the requirements for your project to be detectable:

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You are right, I tried to create something using the project in this way. I wonder if this will happen?

Can you check this: GitHub - WebRaizo30/c-chat: Secure Web Chat

This is a fork, which does not yet meet the criteria. Please refer to the guide above for more information.

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I understand, I have read the above details thoroughly.

I added to the file of this existing project from 7 years ago. I added the Discord chat bot links. I also installed tea.yaml. I really don’t understand what’s missing here. Does the project owner need to accept the PR?


Correct, you can’t register a real project simply by creating a fork of it.