Why can't I validate my project? My project has been registered but cannot be validated


Hello, could you send the npm link?


Please delete the tea.yaml file from the project repository and repeat the registration process.
Once downloaded, do not change anything in the tea.yaml file including the file name.

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Delete tea.yaml file? Right?

Yes, delete it and repeat the process from scratch.

So how long do you have to wait for validation again?

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как удалить ? не удаляется …

It should be validated in a few minutes.

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helloo every one . :slight_smile:

Status still invalid sir :sleepy:

very nice project so far joined here

i have same problem?
u can help me

Could you send the link to your project?

помогите мне с проэктом ,уже 3 неделе на проверки !!!

мне спроэктом !!!