Why is the score for the project I registered for 0?

I have already registered for the project and passed the verification process. Why is the score for this project 0?
my account : 0x29a2d3D8b44ce5e593d08A386DeEc78724C15Df4

maybe it will take time to update

6 days have passed since my score, why haven’t my scores been updated yet? Please take responsibility for your answers, okay?

It takes some time to fix this issue, rest assured, you will receive the correct number of points for completed tasks.

Thank you, and I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

I still have a question. As long as the verification is successful, there will be points, right? Can I register multiple times and have 1000 points for each of the first two registrations?

Points for project registration are awarded only during Challenge 1, and only for the first two projects registered.