Wrong Git Source URL

Hi there,

I’ve successfully registered 6 out of 7 items. However, one of the registrations failed due to incorrect Git URLs:

NPM Package: react-picky-date-time

  • Incorrect Git URL: …github.com/edwardxiao/react-picky-date-time.git
  • Correct Git URL: …github.com/edwardfxiao/react-picky-date-time.git

NPM Package: react-custom-flag-select

* Incorrect Git URL: …github.com/edwardfhsiao/react-custom-flag-select
* Correct Git URL: …github.com/edwardfxiao/react-custom-flag-select.git

In summary, my account name is “edwardfxiao”, and the unsuccessful registrations occurred because the two packages cached the incorrect names “edwardxiao” and “edwardfhsiao”.

Is there an email I can use to address this issue?

Because of my previous GitHub account name is “edwardfsiao”, GitHub helped to redirect the URL, so react-custom-flag-select worked.

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Hi! You will have to update the package metadata with the corect URL and in 24h you should be able to register your project.

Thank you for your responses. If you check the metadata here, you’ll notice that the cached incorrect URL is in version 1.7.3, which was almost 2 years ago. From version 1.7.4 to the current version 2.0.7, the correct URL has been updated. I’m unsure where to make further updates.



The same issue applies to react-custom-flag-select. The last version that old URL occurred was in 2.7.1. I made updates approximately 3 years ago, starting from version 2.7.2 and continuing to version 3.1.0 (8 months ago).