How teaRank work?

I have read about how teaRank can be calculated. But i still think something not right.

I have see a project with many dependencies. May be many coder used that project in their project. But it fake and all of that project can’t use or fix any problem.
Code is only simple and basic.

I understand having many people install your package in their projects proves your influence in the community but if those projects do not bring any value and only intentionally increase teaRank. I think it should be detected and resolved in a different way.

I have seen a project that is just images and some files with statements declaring modules or variables but has a teaRank of more than 28 and the same dependencies and sometimes owned by the same person.

I think teaRank should be more balanced between the number of installers and what the project is actually developing for.

Just my opinion. Tks for reading. Always support and trust in what Tea Protocol develop

P/s: I have add new contributor to my project on Tea for 2 days but ITN points not added :slight_smile:
Why my Project Treasury down. Any way to earn more Tea in Treasury?